Everyhere Logistics

Everyhere Logistics extends the Lost Horizon Night Market model, by taking artists from two costal cities on a cross-country caravan to meet the artists of interior cities (and each other) over a month long series of Night Markets. Two fleets of trucks, one starting in New York and the other in San Francisco, drive across the country, stopping at a number of cities that host Lost Horizon Night Markets. Midway through, they meet in the middle of America. Together, they continue to collaborate with local artist communities to host covert ad hoc carnivals during the journey back towards the West Coast of the United States.

That’s the recipe for Everyhere Logistics, a long-distance, multi-site presentation of the LHNM experience. This project explores the contours of America’s artistic geography, with the hope that creative flow between disparate regions can contribute to stronger arts practices, partnerships, and communities.

Everyhere Logistics hinges upon parallel themes to the LHNM, such as accessibility, modularity, and the relative invisibility of the standard box truck. This project also adopts the same organizational framework: personal, interactive, utilizing free space and affordable infrastructure, crossing boundaries, festive, temporary, and free to attend. These curatorial and administrative principles simultaneously provide both structure and autonomy to collaborators, a mainstay to Krawczuk’s work. He sets up the organizational framework, but the true beauty is expressed within this construct, via the emergent behaviors that manifest within the new cultures of possibility space in each pop-up installation.

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