Lost Horizon Night Market

An open source creative platform where artists create interactive installations and performances in rented box trucks and showcase them in late night guerilla pop-up exhibitions. In liminal spaces across the cityscape, the Lost Horizon Night Market establishes scaffolding for autonomous creative activity while simultaneously providing an ad hoc conceptual carnival experience for spectators. Within this possibility space, Krawczuk cultivates a new, temporary culture of interactive imagination, joy, and spontaneity.

Each Lost Horizon Night Market is a unique experience, and each truck is an independent zone of social art practice. In the spirit of adventure and risk, which permeate the illicit atmosphere of the LHNM, promotion is limited and the exact location of the market is a shared secret. Whether it’s an abandoned lot or a dead end alley, the LHNM must be found in order to be experienced. This clandestine exploration imbues the activities with the magic of discovery and the emotional landscape of something prohibited and arcane.

In addition to establishing the overall organizational model for the Lost Horizon Night Market, Krawczuk also operates trucks within the markets, which includes installations titled The Noodle Truck and The Knock Down Truck. Moreover, the LHNM participated in an America-wide caravan of events called Everyhere Logistics in August 2015.


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